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  • Writer's pictureLinda Pizzitola, Kauai, Hawaii

Logos: Concept to Creation

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Most often a new business owner comes to me with a vague idea (or no idea) about the kind of logo design they'd like to represent their business. Together we explore, research, and develop possibilities and, with a few back and forths, the co-creative process unfolds.

And sometimes new business owners know exactly what they want. The vision may have come to them in a flash of inspiration, or in a dream, or they may have fussed over it for weeks until they got it just right. My job then, is to bring their visions to reality. Here are a few examples of "before & after" logo designs.

before and after logos

logo concept to creation

logo concept to creation
logo concept to completion

And ... it's (almost) Kauaʻi Design's 20 year anniversary! Here's a retrospective of some favorite logo design collaborations over the years.

sample logo designs from Kauai Design

Want more? Although "trendy" is not typically the goal for a business logo (and may mean a short shelf life) you can check out the latest logo trends from here


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