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10 Years of Heiva I Kauai

It's been a different kind of August worldwide. Here on Kauai, one of the many casualties of the pandemic was the 2020 Heiva I Kauai Tahitian Dance and Drumming Competition. It's a celebration of Tahitian culture with competitions for women and men, solo and group, toddlers to elders.

Attendance has grown to over a thousand people daily. Activities typically include demonstrations of Polynesian carving, drum making, palm and lauhala weaving, lei making, plus craft and food booths.

Next year marks the event's 20 year anniversary. Stay well, be safe and mark your calendars for July 31 and August 1, 2021.

I came in at about the halfway point of the event's lifespan, designing the posters below, as well as print and TV ads. I continued with the ghosted, sepia tone backgrounds from previous posters, until full color burst on the scene in 2016, showcasing the featured dancer as the rightful star (and focal point) of the page. Tepairu Manea, one of the event's founders, creates a theme and often tattoo style artwork each year for logowear and Mike Teruya consistently provides dynamic, colorful photos.

Take a trip back in time with these 10 posters from the last 10 years of Heiva I Kauai. For more information about the event, visit or call 808 822-9447.

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